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Creating the perfect environment for your video

We helped Lumenis creating a most-realistic environment for their product video

On this eye-catching video, The aesthetic division of Lumenis, a global leader in the field of laser-based clinical solutions, gave us the challenge of placing their new product, Finesse, in a real spa environment.

The problem was, we couldn’t find a location in Israel which is good enough for the shooting and gives the feel of above and beyond the atmosphere of a typical spa. So we have decided to create on ourselves in 3D. Here is the result:


About the production

We integrated live-action filming of real people within a virtual spa animation. The shooting was made using premium lenses to convey a luxurious look and feel to the project that highlights the unique design of the spa, conveying a message above and beyond the atmosphere of a typical spa.

The video was shot on green-screen, and then blended into the 3D spa environment we have created.

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