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One creative house to rule them all

Breeze Animation brings full-package content solutions for new product launches

These days, often you want to spread your marketing materials among different media channels: Exhibitions, personal presentations, web, social networks, directly to the end customer and even TV commercials.


In these cases, working with one creative house that can handle multiple media solutions can be a true benefit. We had the honor to be involved with the launch of Lumenis’s FemTouch, a new solution for treatment of vaginal health related conditions.
We made a few different materials for different target audiences:


– Commercial Video for the end user – The Patients
– 3D Promotional Animation for doctors
– Interactive media player that include Training & Testimonial Videos that we have directed in San Diego


Let’s start with the Commercial:


The Production

The commercial was shot in Israel on a 2 separate shooting days and included 20 production members. We were in charge over the production from A to Z (concept, script, shooting, producing, directing and post-production) and loved it!

Video – Product 3D Animation

The Production

For this video, we needed to show the procedure in a clean and aesthetic way. Obviously,  we have chosen animation as the preferred method for this task. This allowed us to show the product in action while avoiding sensitive issues and keeping the “soft” look.

Video – Training & Testimonial videos

The Production

Another great “out of office” production. The shootings were place in San Diego and we took care of all of the production aspects: Setting up the location, arranging shooting crew in United States and directing the shooting the onset.  Then, we brought the video materials to Israel and did all the post-production in our studio, as well as the interactive indexing and web implementation.

The final results included Training videos for doctors, as well as patient testimonials.

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