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Revolutionizing the e-commerce industry

Breeze Animation brings CAJA’s unique solution to life using their high-end 3D capabilities

Did you know that each “add to cart” click on online commerce demands Huge world of logistics, order management, inventory and customer service?

Today’s leading e-commerce companies holds large amount of warehouses which needs to be organized with millions of items, planned for effective process and be flexible enough for re-ordering and preparations for peak periods, All of this for the purpose of customer oriented service.

CAJA’s truly unique solution enables automating all of the above using smart bins, mobile robots, advanced hardware and sophisticated software. Have a look:

About the production

This was for sure an extreme case in which we had to push our creative envelope, producing content that was both different and compelling, highlighting how unique CAJA is – a startup that deals with organizing huge warehouses

We have decided to make the actual production in 3D animation, which gives us the freedom to create any environment we have in mind, without considering real-world limitations. For instance:


Send it everywhere in the world:
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Dynamic Space in the warehouse: 
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The ability to handle with peaks in order:
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