Production team leader


Breeze Animation is seeking for talented team leader, to manage the studio's production team, from development and pre-production, through production to post-production. The job includes CG direction, research, and story editing , requiring a sharp eye for aesthetic s and the ability to tell a story visually.

The Studio is based in Karmiel.

Job Description
> Leading and directing the studio's production team
> Working/collaborating with the Production Supervisor and the Technical Director to ensure coordination and goals
> Creating storylines, set layout and direction for the entire team
> As Director, planning new sequences in layout and describing what is expected for every shot in the production
> Solving technical production problems
> Taking responsibility for the team's outcomes and timeframes

> Working experience in production teams
> Working experience in 3D animation pipeline
> Working experience with a cross-functional team

Managing Skills:
> Ability to manage teams, priorities and deadlines
> A positive, passionate, can-do attitude with teammates and clients
> Multi-task projects and adapt to shifting priorities

Professional Skills:
> Firm understanding of narrative structures: can map plot and build storylines
> A good foundation of creative thinking, understanding of compositions, and a grasp of      basic artistic skills.

Technical Skills:
> Familiarity with industry-standard 3D Animation software
> Very good English communication skills – both written and verbal

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Production team leader