Breeze Release New Corporate Branding


Founded in 2005, Breeze Animation specializes in developing and producing smart media solutions and demos for companies, organizations, individuals, and the media. Their services include high-end production services such as app development, film production and animations visual effects — all under one roof.

The animation studio has launched its own new branding this month complete with logo redesign and website upgrade.

New Service offering

Breeze Animation now offers a full range of multimedia and visual marketing services to their clients. Using the latest technologies and innovative techniques in digital imagery, 3D modeling, and computer animation, Breeze provides its clients with state-of-the-art visual concepts and marketing solutions.

>        Film production

>        Corporate, training, promotional

>        Development

>        B2C apps, B2B apps

>        Smart Marketing Tools

>        interactive digital media, augmented reality

Marketing Service

Breeze will find the best way of getting messages across with visual and digital tools to help their clients stand out from the crowd. They understand that the right marketing strategy to maximize effective visuals.

>        Market research

>        Competitive analysis

>        Brief creation

>        Marketing messages

>        Copywriting

>        Promotional plans

Breeze Release New Corporate Branding