Breeze Animation Premium Sponsor at MC Forum


Breeze Animation was a Premium Sponsor at the 4th annual B2B Insight conference, held in Tel Aviv, Israel, in March 2014.

Breeze Animation Showreel 2014

The B2B Insight conference, initiated and organized by the MC Forum, is an annual conference for leading B2B Marketing professionals, who understand the meaning of "knowledge is power" in today's competitive and high-speed world.

MC Forum

In this year's B2B Insight conference Breeze Animation was one of the Premium Sponsors. We had the opportunity to showcase our end-to-end visual marketing solutions and services we have to offer our B2B customers.

Our exhibit booth incorporated plasma screens, touch screens and iPads that demonstrated our Smart Media Production offerings that include end-to-end and unique visual marketing & sales tools we developed for our customers.

Breeze Animation's offers a wide range of stand-alone marketing, sales and training solutions that can be developed on a variety of platforms such as: promotional or technical videos, high-quality presentations, interactive tools, 3D simulations, business apps and more.

Breeze also offers a truly unique computer based platform called Interactive Media Home that integrates your company's complete marketing and sales media content into one easy to use interactive platform.

Interactive Media Home platform is not a "one size fits all" solution. It is customized for each client according to his needs.  We develop the visual interface, interactive functionalities (simulators or imaging) according to the customer's specifications. Then we "feed" the system with content (marketing documents, presentations, movies, images etc.) which the customer can update, add to and change at any time.

The system allows you to effortlessly share and update your material in real-time, on all platforms, all over the world with one simple click.  The perfect solution for providing business partners, distributors and sales teams with access to all the company's corporate marketing and other content.

That's why we call what we do "Smart Media Production". The integration between the wide range of stand-alone marketing tools and our unique Interactive Media Home means we are your one-stop-shop for all of your visual marketing needs. We believe this is the effective and cost-efficient way to produce marketing and training tools.

During the B2B Insight conference we were proud of the opportunity to show some of the innovative solutions we created for highly advanced systems such as Netafim, Shamir Optics and Bermad.

Combining technical know-how and creative visuals is what we do best! Here is an example of some films we have recently created:

And another example featuring smart presentations, marketing tools and business applications we created for various customers:

Business App For BERMAD:

Marketing Tool For Netafim:

Simulator for Shamir Optical Industry:

The B2B Insight conference was a great success all around. We are always happy for the opportunity to display our capabilities, creativity and experience and for the chance to meet potential business partners and customers.
Breeze Animation Premium Sponsor at MC Forum