Visual Marketing Solutions for BERMAD at Watec 2013


BERMAD recently showcased their products at the 2013 Watec Water Technology and Environment Control Exhibition, in Tel Aviv. Breeze Animation, a leading visual content creation studio,  conceptualized and produced the company's corporate film and interactive digital marketing tools launched at the booth during the event.
BERMAD manufactures and markets water and air valves for the waterworks, irrigation, and fire protection industries. The movie clearly references the water industry's main challenges as well as the innovative solutions offered by the company. The film successfully carries a personal feel based on one of BERMAD’s main characteristics - long-term involvement with the customer.

Based on a thorough marketing research process conducted by Breeze prior to the production of the film, it was determined that the main message throughout the film would be BERMAD's knowledge of water and air control and their ability to effectively provide control solutions to their customers.

This strong message, coupled with outstanding 3D and animated elements, all created by Breeze made the corporate film a real 'show-stopper' at the Exhibition. In addition, the booth at the show was manned with interactive stations where guests could see BERMAD's service offering first hand using an innovative digital marketing tool, “BERMAD City” also created by Breeze. This "Virtual City" allows the BERMAD Sales Team to effectively promote and explain company products in an exciting and fresh manner.

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In addition to exhibitions, all visual content created by Breeze is also being used extensively in BERMAD's international marketing efforts. From being posted in their YouTube channel, the company's corporate website and social media platforms, Breeze's solutions are also being used as a sales tool throughout the world.

BERMAD have been working with Breeze for over 5 years on various projects. They initially started with small projects. Based on Breeze's understanding of the client's needs, they steadily became involved in concept creation. BERMAD now rely on Breeze heavily for creative input.

"They know our business and our market. This is of vital importance and puts them a cut above the competition."   said, Jennifer Nemirovsky, Marketing  Communications Manager at BERMAD.

Visual Marketing Solutions for BERMAD at Watec 2013